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Study IT in Japan

Study IT (Information Technology) Abroad

Are you smart at operating with computers? does one perceive technique? Then, study information technology abroad in Japan is the best option for you.

The possibilities are many: PC and interactive games, info systems, networks, system management and programming to call simply some examples. Information technology is that the future – and therefore the want for IT data is on the rise! Students registered in IT / technology teaching programs study the processes and data associated with technology. The study of IT covers a large vary of technology-related subjects like engineering, info technology, and internet and system style.

Study Information Technology Abroad in Japan

As we all are well aware with the fact that Japan is considered the top most country in the field of technology. Best country to study information technology is Japan. Japan is the country that stands on top in developing technology that is the main reason to choose study information technology abroad in Japan as a destination for technology lovers. Study information technology abroad in Japan upgrade you with latest technologies and provides you advance knowledge.

Why Study Information Technology Abroad in Japan?

Working Condition for Students in Japan

It is compulsory to work in Japan, so student who wish to study Information technology abroad in Japan they will have to work part time.  As a student you will be allowed to work only 28 hours in a week. That is 4 hours of study and 4 hours of work is compulsory.

During part time work that is working while studying students can earn 60000-70000 per month and after the completion of the course when the student starts working as a full time employee he/ she will earn 18 lakhs per year.

Why Information technology in Japan through Yash overseas?

Top IT Companies in Japan

Below is the list of top IT companies in Japan that gives international students the job opportunity and high salary to work abroad in Japan.

Eligibility Criteria Study IT in Japan