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About Japan

Japan – the name instantly sparks the imagination of a fascinating culture, intriguing natural beauty, scrumptious delicacies, and breathtaking technological advancements across diverse sectors. The world’s third largest economy is a sheer marvel, featuring the mesmerizing beauty of the iconic peak – Mount Fuji; historic temples and shrines with picturesque views; and lush tranquil of bamboo forests. The delectable Japanese cuisine comprising of delicious seafood, sushi, and other delicacies will make your visit even more enchanting. And Japan’s marvelous technology landscape will certainly leave you in sheer awe, be it bullet trains, Android robot, skyscrapers, or best-in-class automobiles.

As you live and work in Japan, the country offers a blissful experience of immersing yourself amid its vibrant lifestyle, cultural ethnicity, and strong work ethics. Getting around Japan is simple and hassle-free; thanks to inexpensive yet highly efficient public transportation system. The cost of living might be high in major cities, while accommodation options for overseas engineers are huge. Despite its recent slowdown, the country has a booming economy and political stability, making it an ideal country to pursue your engineering career aspirations.

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, requires no introduction as a leader in science and technology-related fields. Be it the presence of electronics industry giants like Fuji, Sony, Canon, Hitachi and Toshiba or the country’s globally-recognized robotics production and biomedical research, Japan is at the forefront of technological advancements. Japan’s highly sophisticated and energy-efficient Shinkansen (bullet trains) and exceptional road infrastructure add another feather to its cap.  When it comes to education, Japan consistently ranks among the top 5 countries with the largest proportions of tertiary education degree holders that contribute towards the fast-growing economy of the country.

Japan is ranked as one of the safest countries to live in. A treasured cultural heritage consisting of castles, temples, shrines, historical monuments and museums, along with natural attractions like Mount Fuji, bamboo groves, ski resorts and onsens (hot springs), the country shines on the world tourism map as well. Japanese cuisine consisting of tempting seafood and rice and noodles-based preparations are irresistible. If you choose to study in Japan, you would find the Japanese have great regards for the Indians and Indian culture.


India-Japan Relationship Paving Way for Remarkable Career Opportunities

The relationship between India and Japan post-Cold War era has progressed significantly, leading to growing ties in matters pertaining to international trading, market penetration, employability, and other fields. How India and Japan complement each other is in terms of human resources and technology. India has abundant skilled manpower, but lacks technology advancements, financial stability, and career opportunities for engineers. On the other hand, Japan has a dearth of young and skilled engineers who can support their services, ship-building, IT, and manufacturing sectors.

Keeping this in perspective, both the countries have signed a ‘Technical Intern Training Program (TITP).’ Under this government skill development program, India will send 3 lakhs skilled youth to Japan for hands-on training for a span of 3-5 years. The latter has agreed upon to bear the financial cost of training the technical interns from India. Eventually, the program is expected to drive around 50,000 engineering jobs in Japan post-training.