About N. P. Ogarev’s Mordovia State University

N. P. Ogarev’s Mordovia State University is found within the town of Saransk, the capital of the Republic of Mordovia, Russia. it absolutely was established in October 1957 as associate degree growth of the Mordovian National education Institute, established in 1931.Medicine Institute is one in every of the leading departments of Mordovia State University in Mordovia – the biggest instructional, intellectual, research project and cultural center of Russia, mostly determines the direction and pace of socio-economic, political and religious lifetime of the region and country.

The coaching infrastructure is portrayed by twenty departments, divisions sensible coaching of scholars, the regional instructional, scientific and medical analysis advanced. Postgraduate and extra Department of Education provided clinical billet, the department of clinical billet, a middle of advanced medication and preparation. Trained medical workers carry two academicians and a corresponding member of RAMS, eight academicians of public and foreign academies, 36 doctors, professors and a hundred and eighty candidates of sciences, associate professors, eight – Honored person of Russia and Mordovia, seven – Honored employee of upper college, thirteen – distinguished physicians and Russia Mordovia. Members of the Board of All-Russian scientific and technical recommendation and scientific societies in Russia area unit forty six scientists, forty two – Presidents of scientific and medical societies and public establishments of Mordovia.

Why Mbbs In N. P. Ogarev’s Mordovia State University

  • Fully English Medium for complete 6 years of study.
  • University recognised by MCI.
  • MCI curriculum is followed within the University.
  • Direct admission with none Entrance Exams like IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT
  • Deluxe Hostel facility for Indian students.
  • Indian Mess facility with Indian cook, both veg. and non-veg. food offered three times daily.
  • Both North and South Indian food offered.
  • Every year, twenty days of Clinical coaching in Indian hospitals throughout holidays for the scholars.
  • Many Indian students take admission in this university from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and south part.

Faculties Of University

  • General medication
  • Architectural and engineering science
  • Geography
  • Lighting
  • Biotechnology and Biology
  • Preparatory and secondary vocational training
  • Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics and knowledge Technologies
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Philology
  • Economics
  • Law

Hostel and Food Facility

Mordovia State University welcomes international students and provides them with secure living conditions at thirteen hostels. Eleven hostels are situated within campus and 2 on connected campuses in Ruzayevka and Kovylkono. Hostels presently accommodate quite 4500 students. Offer furnished rooms, with a cable TV, a fridge, and a washrooms. Equipped with external video closed-circuit television and a card reading system on entry doors, it makes them the safest place for living. Among the facilities square measure pc categories with an online access, laundry rooms, performance halls and fitness rooms

An Indian Mess is operational in International Medical Students Hostel building for Indian students, here North & South foods square measure served. Prime quality and hygiene Veg. & Non Veg. foods square measure served three times daily.

University Ranking

Country Ranking World University Ranking Teaching Ranking Research Ranking International Diversity Ranking Financial Sustainability Ranking Reputation Rankings Academic Rankings
 32  672  450  712  648  767  698  736