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MBBS in Russia | Admission Process | Fee Structure For Indian Students

Russia is a land of superlatives. By a long way the world’s greatest country, it covers nearly twice the territory of Canada, the 2d largest. It extends across the entire of northern Asia and the Japanese third of Europe, spanning eleven time zones and incorporating an extremely good range of environments and landforms. Russia includes Europe’s longest river, the Volga, and its biggest lake, Ladoga. Russia additionally is domestic to the world’s deepest lake, Baikal, and the United States of America recorded the world’s lowest temperature outside the North and South poles. Russia, the world’s biggest nation, borders European and Asian countries along with that two the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Its landscape degrees from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches. It’s well-known for Moscow’s Bolshoi and St. Petersburg’s Mari in sky ballet companies. The religion followed in Russia is Orthodox Christianity.


MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Studying MBBS in Russia gaining quality among Indian students, as a result of the Russian Federation contains a smart variety of the simplest medical Universities in World. Russian MBBS is recognised by MCI and WHO. Thousands of doctors are already practicing in India who holds Russian medical MBBS degree. Students taking MBBS from MCI recognised universities are eligible to appear for MCI screening test.

The quality education in low budget of MBBS in Russia for Indian Students is another reason for the growing quality of Russian universities among the aspirants. Nowadays, medical aspirants from completely different elements of the globe forestall to change of integrity Russian universities for learning MBBS.

Advantages Of MBBS In Russia

The Exposure

There’s no comparison of finding out mbbs aboard and in Bharat (except AIIMS Delhi)

The academics, the system, the students! Everything is therefore different

The Price of Education

The tuition fee is super low and cheap with nice worth! The use

Work Opportunity

Once you’ve got completed your MBBS in Russia you’ll work anywhere in India, UK, America, EU countries, Germany, Australia Opportunity to be told Russian. …


  • This is the most important concern of Parents and students
  • Russia is very safe country particularly for ladies. You’ll walk the streets even at 3am and no-one can hassle you

European System of Education

  • Russian programme has taken European system therefore everything is educated the similar manner as EU countries that extremely comes handy once you applying in United Kingdom or alternative country for work or place as your programme matches with them.
  • Comprehensive University Education, Opportunity to get twin Diplomas. …

MBBS In Russia Admission Process

    • One to One counselling to decide on the correct path
    • Application kind filling and Sending it with scanned copy of 10th ans 12th mark sheet and international passport (if available) or ID address proof to yash overseas on info@yashoverseas.org D
    • We apply for the admission letter to the concern university which is provided within three – four operating days.
    • And it takes fifteen operating days to induce the invite letter from the university .Once it is received we apply for visa. Documents needed are for the same are:
      1. Original passport
      2. Passport size photo (3.5 x 4.5)
      3. 12th Mark sheet
      4. HIV check report of student.

Once the visa is received will prepare students departure as per the candidate convenience. Our representative accompany the Student from departure point to Arrival point. Once the student reach the place our representative receive them from airport to the hostel. Admission and incoming formalities are being done. The six years we are at your service.

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Availability of Seats For MBBS In Russia

As the highest growing demand to study MBBS in Russia all the MCI recognized universities have limited seats availability. We can say it as first cum first base only. So the students who wish to enrol themselves for Russian universities should make up their mind at the earliest.

Benefits of Mbbs In Russia

MCI & WHO recognized universities

No donation

No entrance exams

Low fee structure

Best Infrastructure

Degree is recognised worldwide

European curriculum

Indian mess available

MBBS in Russia in Full English Medium in 2020

The biggest question comes in the mind of the students & their parents that is MBBS in Russia fully taught in English? We have the authentic answer for this.

In Russia, there are three types of Medical Universities

  • Russian Medium Universities: These universities teach only in Russian language and their fee is very low cost. These universities attract local students and the students from turkey, Egypt and some near by counties.
  • Bilingual Universities : These universities teaches first 3 years in English and then last 2 years in Russia while the 6th year is of clinical rotations so some grip on Russian Language is required as you are required to do clinical orations in Hospitals.
  • English Medium Universities: These universities offer full 5 years teaching in English Medium as they have special permission from the Government to teach in English. The 6th year is for clinical rotations so student has to speak and understand abt Russia which is quite possible as after spending 5 years in Russia make you comfortable for that.

Yash Overseas always recommend students to choose English Medium universities for MBBS in Russia. Yash Overseas has exclusive contract in such universes. Don’t go for low fee options as low fee universities are always Russian Medium Universities.

We have the proof and references available of the students who study MBBS in these English Medium University in Russia in 4th- 5th year. References available on the request.

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Study MBBS in Russia Eligibility for 2020 as per the MCI

  • The student must have biology in his 12th std with minimum 50 % in PCB for open category and 40% for SC, ST & OBC category.
  • The students must be the age of 17 on and before the 31st dec of the particular year when he/she joins the University.
  • The student must qualify the NEET 2020 to get admission in SEPTEMBER batch to study MBBS in Russia.

Why Choose to Study MBBS in Russia in 2020/21

Russia is a dream destination for MBBS study since 25 years. More than 1000 Russian Universities graduates practising in India in Various states. Russia is the first choice among the Study MBBS abroad destination.

The Top 10 Reason Why study MBBS in Russia in 2020.

  • MBBS universities in Russia is recognised by MCI, WHO, ECFMG, USMLE, GMC, CMC.
  • Russian Universities has the best infrastructure since more than 150 years with all the best facilities required for Medical Studies.
  • All the MBBS universities in Russia have their own well-furnished hostels with all the basic facilities.
  • MBBS Universities in Russia has tie ups with the Universities in USA /UK/ Canada for Clinical rotations
  • MCI & USMLE coaching is provided in most of the universities.
  • Many scholarships and other student’s discounts available for International students.
  • NO Entrance exam, NO Donation, NO Premedical, NO IELTS or any test required to get admission in Russian MBBS universities.
  • Indian food mess or canteen is easily available near almost all the popular Universities where Indian Students studying or choose to study.
  • The Fee of MBBS universities in Russia is relatedly low as compared to other MBBS admission abroad destinations.
  • Russia is very safe for Girls and boys and hence they get a safe atmosphere feel like home.

Why Study MBBS in Russia for Indian students is better than other counties

This is the main question in the mind when you choose the country to study MBBS abroad

  • Russia is the pioneer in MBBS study since more than 25 years and hence the biggest track record of Indian doctors done with MBBS in Russia
  • The Universities in Russia are government universities with the high standard of infrastructure and all the universities have the big hospitals
  • Russia is a developed country and the well advanced in the education sector
  • India and Russia has very good relations since many year
  • Russian loves and respect Indians so no racism at all.
  • Getting visa is very easy and required very less documentation for visa filing.
  • Students get original cadaver while doing anatomy during the study MBBS
  • Universities in Russia having tie ups with many Universities in USA / Europe for clinical rotation
  • English Medium MBBS universities in Russia are the best option to go for medical studies
  • It is one of the safest country
  • Study MBBS in Russia is less costly as compared to many other counties
  • There are many daily direct flights from India to Russia.
Mbbs Admission Abroad

Duration of Mbbs In Russia

MBBS in Russia course duration is 5.8 years, which will be 4.8 years of study and 1 year of clinical rotation.

Russia MBBS Universities Fee Structure 2020

Sr. No. Universities City Fee 1st Year Hostel Uni.Administrative charges (first year only) 1st year total (Fee+Hostel+Admi. charges) 2nd to 6th (Fee+Hostel) Total Package
1 Ulyanovsk State University Ulyanovsk 4000 260000 600 39000 300 19500 4900 318500 4600 29000 27900 1813500
2 Kazan State Medical University Kazan 6100 396500 600 39000 NIL NIL 6700 435500 6700 435500 40200 2613000
3 Kabardino Balkarian State University Nalchik 2850 185000 700 45500 1000 65000 4550 295750 3550 230750 22300 1449500
4 Volgograd State Medical Univerisity Volgograd 5630 365950 550 35750 NIL NIL 6180 401700 6180 401700 37080 2410200
5 Bashkir State Medical University Bashkir 3500 227500 300 19500 1500 97500 5300 344500 2900 188500 19800 1287000
6 Orenburg State Medical University Orenburg 6000 39000 720 46800 NIL NIL 6720 436800 6720 436800 40320 2620800
7 Smolensk State Medical University Smolensk 5500 375500 800 52000 NIL NIL 6300 409500 6300 409500 37800 2457000
8 Kursk State Medical State University Kursk 6550 425750 500 32500 NIL NIL 7050 458250 7050 458250 42300 2749500
9 Mari State Medcal University Yashkar-ola 4500 292500 Included Included 4500 292500 3000 195000 19500 1267500
10 Chuvash State University Chuvasia 2850 185000 700 45000 1000 65000 4550 295750 3550 230750 22300 1449500
11 Altai Medical University Barnaul 500 325000 300 19500 Included 5300 344500 3300 214500 21800 1417000
12 Crimea State Medical University Simferopol 3500 227500 250 16250 1300 84500 5050 328250 3750 243750 23800 1547000

Study MBBS in Russia Fee Structure for 2020/21 intake

Each universities in Russia have their own fee. For English Medium Universities the fee start from 3500 USD to 6000 USD per year. The fee can be paid in two installments in a year.  No university in Russia ask or accept the 6 years full fee at once. Some agents claim to pay the 6 years at once with some discounts beware of them as they keep your money with them and incase if they don’t pay to the university it will be borne by you only .

Mbbs Admission Abroad
Mbbs Admission Abroad

Education loan to study MBBS in Russia in 2020/21

Study MBBS abroad is also a big dent on the pocket of many parents. But no worries as many banks in India provide education loan to study MBBS in Russia. Many private financial institutions also give loans to study MBBS in Russia, Also co operative banks provide loan to study MBBS in Russia. The interest rate vary from institutions to institutions. More information about loan on MBBS abroad is available on our Education loan section. Please visit to know more.

Intakes of MBBS in Russia for 2020/21

Study MBBS in Russia has only one intake and that is SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER Intake as per the government educational board policy of Russia.  Many agents misguide the students about January / February Intake. They admit the students in some language or premedical courses in January and then from coming September they get enrolment in MBBS.

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Cost of Living for MBBS students in Russia

Cost of living for MBBS students in Russia is very low as compared to other European countries. If the students is from India, Nepal or Pakistan then they found it same as their own country and in some manner it is even cheaper.

Food: Food is relatively cheaper. If student wish to join Indian canteen then it should be around 100- 120 USD/ month for three meals a day. If a student wish to cook himself then it will cost him approx. 60-70 USD/ month. Even the restaurants in Russia is relatively cheaper. A fine dine restaurants cost you approx. 300 ruble / person.

Hostels: Every University has their own 5-6 hostels and it cost from 400 USD to 900 USD/ year / person depending on the area and the city. The hostel fee includes the Electricity and Gas Charges as well.

Transportations:  The transportation cost is very low in Russia. Mostly cities are covered by local electric buses and trams. These mode of local transportation are very cheap as students get huge discounts on the monthly pass. Also taxi is available for 24/7 and the cost is approx.30 ruble for 4-5 kms.

Insurance: The insurance is mandatory for all the students while residing in Russia. Its annual cost is approx. 8000 Ruble. It covers your accidental and health insurance.

Visa Extension: initially students go with the 60 days visa and it will be renewed for 1 year. Every year the visa has to be renewed and it cost approx. 2500 ruble. The university personal does the visa renewal for the students.

Mbbs in Russia Hostel

The hostels in Russian universities are either inside the university campus or just a walk able distance from the university. Most of all universities of Russia have separate hostels for only Indian students with Indian mess facility in it. Hostel in Russia accommodate 2 to 3 students in one room. Rooms are well furnished with all the basic facilities like bed, study table, cupboards etc. 24 hours electricity, room heaters, Wi-Fi, hot /cold water and security is provided.

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Hostel /Accommodation facilities in Russian Medical University

All the universities in Russia is owned by the Russian government and the hostels are funded by the government itself, So it is mandatory for all the universities to have at least 5-6 hostels for the students studying there. The hostel Fee varies from 300 USD to 900 USD/ year depends on the university and location. The University hostels are well furnished with all the basic amenities. It has 2 kitchens on each floor with free gas. The whole hostel is filled with heaters. Students can use heaters 24/7 as no extra electricity charges. The hostel washrooms has arrangement of cold and hot water during the winters.

The university hostels are generally with the 1 kms of the university so it is very convenient for students.  Also there are many private hostel which are costly and also have many more facilities. They are more furnished but the cost is a bit high.  Also students from second year live in rented flats. The rent is approx. 25000 Ruble for 2 BHK flat and 4-5 students can share it. They have to pay for their electricity and gas charges extra. It is highly recommendable to stay in the government hostels.

Following are the 10 points which describes hostels in Russian Medical Universities are the best.

  • Every room in the hostel is well furnished with study tables, cub boards, bed and beddings, heaters, chairs.
  • Every hostel is fully equipped with CCTV cameras for the safety of the students
  • Students are not allowed to go out after 8 pm in the night
  • Every hostel has the security guard, a warden who looks after the security and necessity of the students
  • There are separate blocks for girls and boys.
  • Every hostel has a canteen and also some has Indian food mess.
  • Smoking, drinking is strictly offence in these hostels
  • 2 sharing, 3 sharing, 4 sharing options are available, students can choose as per their preference and budget.
  • Many hostels have the gym & study area at no extra cost
  • Gas and electricity is absolutely free.

Option of PG after Study MBBS in Russia

The journey of Medical study doesn’t stop at MBBS degree. Studying MBBS in Russia is the best decision any student make but after the MBBS degree he /she has to continue his/her education for PG.

There are some good options for PG after completing MBBS in RUSSIA

  • Student can come back to India and clear the FMGE( MCI) exam and the appear for NEET PG to get admission in PG
  • Student has a choice to do PG in Russia only if he wish to stay in Russia or any other European country
  • Students can also opt for USMLE part I, II & III to get PG residency in USA
  • Students during MBBS can lear the German language and can do PG in Germany.
Mbbs Admission Abroad

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