About Georgia

Georgia, Georgian Asian nation, country of Transcaucasia situated at the japanese finish of the Euxine Sea on the southern flanks of the most crest of the larger range. The capital of Georgia is Tiblisi. In 1936 Georgia became a constituent (union) republic and continuing itself till the collapse of the land. Georgia may be a member of the Council of Europe and therefore the island Organization for Democracy and Economic Development. It contains 2 actual freelance regions, province and South Ossetia, that gained restricted international. Georgia considers the regions to be a part of its sovereign territory underneath Russian military occupation.

Language The language spoken in Georgia is Georgian The Georgian language belongs to the distinctive Kartvelian language family. Fashionable South Caucasian languages spoken in Georgia embody Georgian, Megrelian, Svan, and Laz. The bulk of Georgians speak Georgian as a primary language. The Megrelian language is wide spoken within the western region of Samegrelo and Svani is spoken within the northwestern region of Svaneti.

Religion followed by the Georgian citizen are Orthodox Christianity, Georgian and ethnic group Muslim, Armenian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant Denominations.

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Why Mbbs in Georgia?

  • All the universities are recognized by MCI, WHO and UNESCO.
  • Entire course duration is taught in English
  • It gives Indian students an opportunity to study medical in European countries.
  • It is a safe country. Crime ration is 0%
  • Students completing their medical from this country get chance to do their clinical rotation in any hospitals within the country Georgia.
  • The degree from Georgia universities are valid all over the world.
  • Low cost education with best quality.

Mbbs Course Duration in Georgia

The private medical universities of Georgia have 5 years of course duration. The government universities of Georgia have 6 years of course duration which includes one year of clinical rotation.

Top Universities For Mbbs in Georgia Yash Overseas Work For

  1. ast European University
  2. University Geomedi
  3. Ivane Javakhishvilitbilisi state university
  4. Akaki Tsereteli state university
  5. Tbilisi state university
  6. New vision university
  7. University of Georgia
Mbbs Admission Abroad

Mbbs in Georgia Hostel And Food

The hostel facility for International students are provided separately. Separate boys and girls buildings, well furnished rooms, 24 hours water, electricity, cooking gas, wifi connection is provided. Students have choice of room sharing like 2 or 3 in one room or they can stay alone in one rooms it depends completely on their choice. If in future students wish to stay outside the hostel in PG or apartments that arrangements are also made.

Indian mess is available in the hostel and even some Indian restaurants are available where students can get Indian food.

Admission Procedure for Mbbs in Georgia

Step 1 – Sending scanned copy of documents to info.yashoverseas@gmail.com for registration to the university

Step 2 – Will be applying for the admission within 10 working days invitation letter from the university will be issued.

Step 3 – After admission confirmation hardcopy of required documents to be sent to our address.

Step 4 – We will be filing for the visa.

Step 5 – once visa stamping is done your departure will be scheduled.

Georgia Universities Fee Structure 2020/21

Sr. No. Universities Universities status City Course Duration Fee Per Year Uni.Administrative Charges (First year only) 1st year total uni. Fee 2nd to 5/6 th year Total Fee
1 European University Private Tbilisi 5 years 4500 288000 1000 64000 5500 352000 4500 288000 23500 1504000
2 University Geomedi Private Tbilisi 5 years 3500 224000 1750 113750 5250 336000 3500 224000 19250 1232000
3 Ivane Javakhishvili tbilisi state University Government Tbilisi 6 years 4500 288000 1000 64000 5500 352000 4500 288000 28000 1792000
4 Akaki Tsereteli state University Government Kutaisi 6 years 5000 320000 1000 64000 6000 384000 4500 288000 28500 1824000
5 Tbilisi state University Government Tbilisi 6 years 6000 384000 1000 64000 7000 448000 6000 384000 37000 2368000
6 New Vision University Private Tbilisi 5 years 5000 320000 1000 64000 6000 384000 45000 288000 23500 1504000
7 University of Georgia Government Tbilisi 6 years 5000 320000 1000 64000 6000 384000 5000 320000 31000 1984000
8 Batumi shota rustaveli university Government Batumi 5 years 6000 384000 1000 64000 7000 448000 6000 384000 37000 2368000