MBBS at Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing, China

Among the first full English medium MBBS universities in China, Nanjing Medical University (NMU) ranks among the top 50 national and top 600 world universities, as per the CWUR World University Rankings 2018-19. It awards Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree every year to 100 students hailing from different countries, including India. While enrolled with the university, students have the advantage of studying at one of the developed cities of China with relaxed environment, comfortable weather around the year and affordable cost of living. Find out more about the university and its MBBS program.


About Nanjing Medical University

NMU has established as Jiangsu Provincial College of Health Policy and Management at the nearby city of Zhenjiang in 1934. It moved to Nanjing in 1957 with a new name Nanjing Medical College. It became one of the first Chinese medical campuses to offer 6-year medical programs starting 1962. More recognition followed when in 1981 it began to offer Master’s and Doctoral programs. Finally, it got its present day name in the year 1993.

At present, the university offers degree programs in multiple disciplines apart from medicine, including technology, law, management, literature, science and education. The programs include 11 first-level discipline Master’s programs, 73 second-level discipline Master’s programs, 8 first-level discipline doctoral programs and 50 second-level discipline doctoral programs. It boasts of 22 schools, like First School of Clinical Medicine, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of International Education and more, apart from an independent school named Kangda.

NMU has two campuses – one with an area of 8 hectares at Wutai at the foot of Wutai Hill and the other with an area of 87 hectares at the town of Jiangning. For the past many years, the university has been involved in global exchange and cooperation programs with the medical colleges and universities both domestically as well as internationally in the countries like USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Location and City

NMU is located in East China’s second largest city Nanjing which also serves as the capital of Jiangsu Province. With the glorious history of serving as the capital of many powerful dynasties and kingdoms, Nanjing also holds the recognition of being one among the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Located in the Yangtze River Delta region, the city promises scenic mountain landscapes as well as picturesque lakes. Some of the top tourist attractions in and around the city include the banks of Qin Huai River, Confucius Temple, Ming Dynasty Imperial Palace, Zhonghua Gate (the Gate of China), Jinghai Temple, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum (a World Heritage Site), Purple Mountain and numerous parks.

Nanjing is conveniently accessible by air (Lukou International Airport), rail (17 railways stations connected by slow as well as high-speed rail trains) and road (express highways). Public transport options include metro, bus, taxis as well as cycles.

Studying MBBS at NMU

Infrastructure: Both the campuses of NMU offer world-class infrastructure for teaching as well as research that make it one of the top MBBS universities in China. There are 7 postdoctoral research stations, 1 state-level key laboratory, 4 ministry-level key laboratories and 15 provincial-level key laboratories. State-level experiment zone and multiple state and provincial-level exemplary experiment teaching centres are other key highlights of its state-of-the-art infrastructure.

There are 23+ affiliated and 50+ teaching hospitals associated with the university. Located across the cities like Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi and more, some of these hospitals include Jiangsu Provincial Hospital and Nanjing First Hospital. There are 750+ highly-qualified and award-winning faculty members and more than 13,000 students enrolled with the university. The campus boasts of all types of facilities, from electric scooters to banks and ATMs and from grocery stores to technology stores. There are 8 canteens offering Chinese, Indian, Islamic and international cuisines.

Hostels: Hostels at both the campuses consist of International Students’ Apartments which consist of double as well as three bedrooms with separate floors for male and female students. Air conditioner, water heater, independent bathroom, water dispenser, wardrobe, desk, telephone and many other amenities are available at these accommodations.

In addition, there are guest rooms for students’ relatives and visitors. Students are also provided with public laundry room, student activity room, food counter and internet (charged separately). Apart from the on-campus hostels, there are off-campus accommodations students may opt for near the campuses.

Indian Students at NMU: Being among MCI listed MBBS universities in China; NMU is a preferred choice for students from India. Currently, there are nearly 300 Indian students enrolled at various levels with the university. Here are some important things you must know:

Medium: As mentioned earlier, NMU was among the first medical universities in China to offer full English MBBS program.

Duration: Adhering to the usual MBBS course duration in China, NMU also offers 6 year programs. For the final year of internship, you can either choose one of the university’s affiliated hospitals or get back to India for the same.

Weather: If you plan to study MBBS in China in 2019, NMU is a great option if weather is a concern. For as many as 9 months, the weather here is in sync with that of India. The winter months (December-February) may experience a dip in temperature. However, if you hail from (or have visited) North India, you would find it comfortable.

Eligibility: NMU currently enrols up to 30 Indian students every year. For the Indian students, the eligibility conditions include:

  • 85% in State Board Examination or
  • 70% in CBSE Examination
  • A Grade for other boards (with C grade or above for individual subjects)

The applicant must be in good health and bear good moral character.

Tuition and Other Fees: Tuition fee at NMU is INR 340,000 annually. Accommodation fee is around INR 60,000 annually. Other fees (including registration, resident permit, physical examination fee, textbooks etc) may amount to INR 80,000 (first year) and INR 15,000 (remaining years).

Registration process continues till June 30 every year. However, the 100 seats for international students usually get filled much before that. Consult a foreign education consultant immediately to begin the enrolment process.