About Ukraine

Ukraine is a massive country in Eastern Europe acknowledged for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea shoreline and forested mountains. Its capital, Kiev, aspects the gold-domed St. Sophia’s Cathedral, with 11th-century mosaics and frescoes. Overlooking the Dnieper River is the Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastery complex, a Christian pilgrimage website online housing Scythian tomb relics and catacombs containing mummified Orthodox monks. The vicinity of Ukraine is 603,628 sq. km. It is barely smaller than Texas and almost twice larger as Germany. Among interesting records about Ukraine is that it is the larger European United States of America entirely positioned on this continent.


MBBS in Ukraine

Medicine is that the toughest branch amongst all the opposite courses. To induce the medical seats while not efforts and medical entrance exams the most effective possibility is MBBS in Ukraine. To induce the Medial seat in Ukraine you do not have to undertake any entrance.

Study MBBS in Ukraine provides students with several advantages starting from facilitate in availing loans and scholarships. Learning MBBS in Ukraine is comparatively cheaper. MBBS in Ukraine fee is economical for college students United Nations agency wish to review MBBS in Ukraine universities or a most cost-effective medical university in Asia. The entire fees for MBBS in Ukraine are abundant under Indian medical faculties. Although, there exists a perfect Ukraine medical education center is what makes study in Ukraine for Indian students a superb possibility.


Why Study MBBS In Ukraine?

  • Degree valid all over the world and after passing FMGE in India the degree from Ukraine is equivalent to MBBS in India.
  • 6 years of course duration includes clinical rotation.
  • Low cost and quality education compared to private colleges in India.
  • Secure country for males as well as females.
  • Most of the universities are very old and government national or state level.

Why Yash Overseas is the Best Consultancy for MBBS Admission in Ukraine?

  • Yash Overseas is an authorized representative of many Government universities in Ukraine for MBBS admission
  • Yash Overseas has sent more than 200 + students to Ukraine for their medical studies.
  • Yash Overseas do the admission directly to the university which result to low package in India guaranteed
  • We deal with only MCI certified universities that to totally English medium.
  • We help students with MCI & USMLE coaching.
  • We have office setup and  Indian mess in Kiev which enable to take the proper care of the students in Ukraine
  • Help students with good accommodation and Indian Food availability which is the main concern for all parents.
  • Our commitment, work policy and truth make us one of the best consultants for MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Yash Overseas look after registration, admission, Visa, Departure, arrival in Ukraine, accommodation, food and other help required throughout the course duration.
  • Our Director visit all the Ukraine universities once in year to look after the process of the students

Mbbs In Ukraine Eligibility For Indian Students

The eligibility criteria for MBBS admission in Ukraine is that :
Minimum age criteria is 17 years and above . 50% in PCB(Physics, Chemistry and Biology) from a recognised Institute.

Advantages of Studying Mbbs in Ukraine

  1. MBBS IN UKRAINE give a valued international exposure to the Indian students
  2. The admission procedure for MBBS in Ukraine is very simple.
  3. NO IETLS or TOFEL required
  4. NO entrance test No donation
  5. During MBBS in Ukraine international faculties help students to get the international knowledge and exposure.
  6. Per class ratio is 10:1 which means there will be only 10 students handled by 1 instructor. That provides one to one attention.
  7. Ukraine universities provides world class infrastructure.
  8. As most of all universities of Ukraine are government recognised it is easy to get education loan.

Mbbs Course Duration in Ukraine

The course duration for MBBS in Ukraine is for 6 years which includes 5 years of medical study and 1 year of clinical rotation in the hospitals of Ukraine.

Religion In Ukraine

Sunni Islam is the largest non-Christian religion in Ukraine, and the majority of Ukrainian Muslims are Crimean Tatars. UKRAINE had a long and rich history of non secular developments with Eastern Orthodox Christianity historically dominating the scene in the country. The most populated religions of present-day ARE Eastern Orthodoxy sixty five p.c Eastern Catholicism 6.5 % Irreligion 16.3% Protestantism 1.9% Islam 1.1% Roman Catholicism 1% Judaism 0.2%

Why MBBS Admission in Ukraine in 2020

Ukraine is again gaining the popularity since last two years for MBBS studies. The reason behind this popularity are as follows :

    • Ukraine is an European country having European standard of education.
    • All the universities having full English medium teaching entire the course duration.
    • More than 5000 Indian students are studying MBBS in Ukraine universities.
    • Hugh track record of MCI & USMLE passing out students.
    • Indian students going to Ukraine for MBBS since 1990.
  • MCI/FMGE coaching in Ukraine Universities from Indian faculties.
    • Option of free PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine Universities.
    • MBBS in Ukraine Government universities with NO Entrance Exam, Best infrastructure , Well furnished hostels, Indian Food mess and Canteens are the main reason Indians choosing Ukraine as their MBBS study destination.
    • Ukraine is on the verge of becoming the part of European Union.
  • MBBS in Ukraine Universities having their own big hospitals enables the student to get the best practical knowledge.

Hostel Facilities in Ukraine MBBS Universities 

Every student and their parents who wish to study MBBS abroad have the main concern about the accommodation facilities available in the those countries. 
The top Ten reasons why MBBS universities in Ukraine have the best hostels
    • Ukraine Medical Universities have their own hostels as per the Ukraine Government law
    • Ukraine MBBS students can choose the university hostel or private hostel as per their preference, both are under the control of University authorities.
    • Hostels are well furnished with all the facilities available required by the students such as Heater , study tables, Bed & Beddings, cup boards, chairs, clean & hygienic toilets and bathroom, Every floor has two well equipped kitchens so students who wish to cook can use those kitchens as free of cost as water, electricity and gas is free.
    • Separate hostels for Boys and girls are there in Ukraine MBBS universities.
  • Every hostel has its own IN & OUT timing so the students must have to follow the time limit to avoid the fines.
    • Food Canteens are available in all the hostels weather they are private or Government
    • The hostel fee start from 500 $ to 1500$ yearly so the students can choose the hostel as per their budget.
    • Hostels in Ukraine are under CCTV surveillance & Warden is available at the main entrance 24×7 to ensure the best safety for students living in those hostels
    • Option of 2 sharing, 3 sharing & 4 sharing is available so students can choose accordingly their preference and budget
  • Mainly all the hostels are near the University campus so students don’t need to spend money on travelling.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Ukraine in 2020


Ukraine MBBS Universities Fee Structure 2020

Sr no Universities Fee per year Hostel 1st year (compulsory) 1st year total    (Fee + hostel ) 2nd year Hostel 2nd to 6th year (Fee + Hostel) per year Grand Total  (1st to 6th year)
1 V.N. KARAZIN KHARKHIV NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 4,500 2,92,500 800 52000 5,300 3,44,500 500 32,500 5,000 3,25,000 30,300 19,69,500
2 ODESSA NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,350 2,82,750 1200 78000 5,550 3,60,750 500 32,500 4,850 3,15,250 29,800 19,37,000
3 KHARKHIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,800 3,12,000 800 52,000 5,600 3,64,000 500 32,500 5,300 3,44,500 32,100 20,86,500
4 VINNITSA NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 5,000 3,25,000 700 45,500 5,700 3,70,500 500 32,500 5,500 3,57,500 33,200 21,58,000
5 IVANO-FRANKIVSK NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,000 2,60,000 1,000 65,000 5,000 3,25,000 500 32,500 4,500 2,92,500 27,500 17,87,500
6 KEIV  MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 3,500 2,27,500 1000 65,000 4,500 2,92,500 500 32,500 4,000 2,60,000 24,500 15,92,500
7 TERNOPIL STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,200 2,73,000 800 52,000 5,000 3,25,000 500 32,500 4,700 3,05,500 28,500 18,52,500
8 BOGOMOLETS NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,500 2,92,500 1,000 65,000 5,500 3,57,500 500 32,500 5,000 3,25,000 30,500 19,82,500
9 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY- SHEVCHECKO 4,500 2,92,500 1,000 65,000 5,500 3,57,500 500 32,500 5,000 3,25,000 30,500 19,82,500
10 LVIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,900 3,18,500 1,000 65,000 5,900 3,83,500 500 32,500 5,400 3,51,000 32,900 21,38,500
11 ZAPROZHYE STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,300 2,79,500 900 58,500 5,200 3,38,000 500 32,500 4,800 3,12,000 29,200 18,98,000
12 DNEPERPETROVSK MEDICAL ACADEMY 3,800 2,47,000 800 52,000 4,600 2,99,000 500 32,500 4,300 2,79,500 26,100 16,96,500
13 POLTAVA NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 4,000 2,60,000 1,000 65,000 5,000 3,25,000 500 32,500 4,500 2,92,500 27,500 17,87,500
14 SUMY STATE UNIVERSITY 4,900 3,18,500 600 39,000 5,500 3,57,500 500 32,500 5,400 3,51,000 32,500 21,12,500
15 BLACK SEA MEDICAL ACADEMY 3,800 2,47,000 600 39,000 4,400 2,86,000 500 32,500 4,300 2,79,500 25,900 16,83,500

Average Climate & Weather in Ukraine

Climate in Ukraine is always moderate and pleasant. The hottest month is July with the average temperature of 24 degree Celsius. The coldest month is January with day time average temperature is around 0 degree Celsius while the nights it goes in minus. Mostly the days in a year are sunny and bright.

Usually in summers the temperature range from 25 to 30 degree Celsius and some time the hottest very higher up to 35 degree Celsius.

Usually the weather is very pleasant from May to September when days are warm and nights are cold & it rains more in spring than summer.

Food Facilities in Ukraine for Indian Students doing MBBS in Ukraine :

Food is the biggest concern for the Indian students & parents while come for counselling, apart from studies and accommodation they also frequently ask for availability of Indian food in the hostel or nearby the university premises.

Ukraine has more than 12 universities with more than 5000+ Indian students. So local Indian residents started tiffin services, as its profitable business for them. There are Indian restaurants near to each and every Medical University in Ukraine to attract Indian students. Many contractors of these universities also have their Indian food mess which serve breakfast, lunch & dinner. The monthly cost for three meal a day cost around 120 USD/ month. While two meals a day cost approximately 100 USD/ month.

For changes in daily routine Indian students often visit those local insane restaurants. These restaurants offer north Indian, south Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarati food. They have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options also available.

For example following are some cost of Indian food available in restaurants in Ukraine

Masala Dosa 150 Rs

Set meal (limited) 200 Rs

Unlimited buffet 350 Rs

Samosa 2 pcs 50 Rs

Chole rice 100 Rs /plate

Pavbhaji 150 / plate

McDonald Mc meal 250 Rs

Many students choose to cook themselves to cut the cost of living. Every hostel has kitchen available on each floor & Usage of gas is absolutely free. The raw material cost is very less. For example

Rice Cost 65 Rs/ kg

Toor Dal. 120 Rs/ kg

Potatoes 25 Rs /kg

Onions 20 Rs /kg

Cooking oil 150 Rs/ ltr

Milk 25 Rs

Sugar 40 Rs/Kg

Wheat flour (Atta) 40 Rs/Kg

Bread 25 Rs / 500gm loaf

Apples 55 Rs/kg

Banana 72 Rs/ Kg

Water Bottle 1.5 ltr 30 Rs

If any student cook himself or in a group it will cost approx. 60-70 USD/ month

Local Transportation in Ukraine

Some students has this question in their mind that do they need to spend for their daily transportation and in foreign country it is very high? This is absolutely wrong.

Maximum hostel are near to the university campus so 5-10 mins walk make then reach the destination easily. Also for local transportation many options are available.

The best and cheapest mode of local transportation is tram. Every city has the tram facilities available. And students get discounts upto 50 % on monthly pass.  It cost only 150 Rs/month for unlimited rides in the tram.

Many big cities also have metro trains available, local buses are also cheap mode of transportation. Taxis are widely used for local transportation. The local transportation is not costly at all as compare to other European counties.

Some examples of other transportation cost:

  • One way ticket (local transport)   15 Rs
  • Monthly pass Regular price 600 Rs
  • Taxi (normal tariff) 15 Rs

Festivals Celebrations in Ukraine

Festivals are the source of bonding and We Indians are always near to our festivals. Every university has the Indian students union and along with the financial help from contractor all the festivals are celebrated. Not only Indian but local residents and other country students also take part in those festivals. Students celebrate, Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Pongal, Navratri. Students arrange the garba DJ nights during the Navratri festival.

Medical Facilities Available to Indian Students

Students doing MBBS in Ukraine always have medical insurance as the Ukraine government law. So if the students get come critical illness they can get free treatment because of insurance.

If student have some fever or minor illness then university hospital take their care. Yash Overseas office also guide students what primary medicines need to take while going Ukraine to study MBBS.Yash Overseas office in Ukraine also has some primary care medicines.

Holiday Pattern in MBBS Universities in Ukraine

Students studying MBBS in Ukraine has two main holidays

1st they get holidays from 15th June to 30th August as summer holidays, student usually come to India for holidays

2nd they get holidays in Christmas from 15th December to 5th Jan

3rd students get approx. 10 days holidays between the semester ends and new semester starts

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