Interested to experience paid internship programme in Japan?

  • If the candidate is in 2nd or 3rd year of his/her hotel management course: (PAID INTERNSHIP) 
    • Minimum eligibility to get paid internship opportunity in Japan is BHM 2nd semester should be completed.
    • Candidate will have 30 hours induction programme for visa purpose.
    • Internship period will be for 6 months or 1 year.
    • During their internship period they will be paid 715 JPY i.e696rs./hr plus tips will be extra income apart from monthly pay scale.
    • Candidate has to work 160hrs/ month.
    • Candidates will be employed in all fields like kitchen, bar, front office, operation, PR, HR etc. so that they get all round experience of hotel management work areas.
    • The main advantage of international internship program is that candidate gets better opportunities to work with international hotels in India.

Basic Salary During Paid Internship

Internship period working hr per month wages per hour wages per month Income by the end of the internship period
6 month 160 hr/month 715 jpy/hr=  696 Rs./hr 160 x 696 = 1,11,360Rs. 1,11,360 x 6 = 6,68,160Rs.
1 year 160 hr/month 715 jpy/hr=  696 Rs./hr 160 x 696 = 1,11,360Rs. 1,11,360 x 12 = 13,36,320Rs.

Interested to Work in Japan after Hotel /Hospitality Management

CRITERIA :10 + 2 + 4 ( Hotel Management)

Job selection procedure for hotel management in Japan:

  • If the candidate is 10+2+4 in Hotel Management
    • He/she will be doing N5 Japanese language course in India.(3month)
    • He/she will do N4 & N3 level Japanese language course in Japan. (1 yr)
    • During language course duration in Japan candidate will work part time.
    • After language course completion he/she will work in Hotel & Hospitality sector

Part Time Job & Basic Salary

Particular Hours/week Basic salary In rupees Monthly salary Monthly salary in rupees
School period 28 hours/week 800 – 1000 yen/hr 500 – 700/hr 80,000 – 90,000 yen/month 50,000 – 60,000
Vacation period 40 hours/week (2 times vacation every year) 800 – 1000 yen/hr 500 – 700/hr 130,000 – 150,000


80,000 – 90,000

Full Time Job & Basic Salary

Job Basic Salary Per Month Basic Salary In Rupees Bonus Overtime
Hotel Service 170,000-220,000 YEN 1,10,000 – 1,50,000 2 times in a year 1 month salary as bonus 25% extra with salary

Note : All the above mentioned figures are for calculation purpose it may vary according to the market and policies of the employer or Japanese  government.