B.E. Freshers Job Placement in Japan – Opening up Limitless Career Opportunities

Are you a fresh engineering student aiming to pursue a rewarding career? Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, is a lucrative destination to explore limitless job opportunities and drive your career to its peak of success. Whether you have gained knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering, electronics, Information Technology, electrical or aerospace – there are millions of jobs in Japan that can best leverage your expertise and ensure remarkable career growth prospects.

In a scenario where engineers in India are increasingly being plagued with layoffs and dwindling job opportunities, Japan is one country where the demand for highly-skilled engineers is increasing at a rapid pace. This has paved way for numerous engineering jobs in Japan with high salary packages and fantastic growth opportunities. Recent developments between India and Japan have further fueled the scope for rigorous training of Indian talents, followed by a promising career. To improve your likelihood of bagging an excellent job in Japan, consult Yash Overseas – the most trusted Japan job placement consultant in India.

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Japan – An Introduction

Japan – the name instantly sparks the imagination of a fascinating culture, intriguing natural beauty, scrumptious delicacies, and breathtaking technological advancements across diverse sectors. The world’s third largest economy is a sheer marvel, featuring the mesmerising beauty of the iconic peak – Mount Fuji; historic temples and shrines with picturesque views; and lush tranquil of bamboo forests. The delectable Japanese cuisine comprising of delicious seafood, sushi, and other delicacies will make your visit even more enchanting. And Japan’s marvellous technology landscape will certainly leave you in sheer awe, be it bullet trains, Android robot, skyscrapers, or best-in-class automobiles.

As you live and work in Japan, the country offers a blissful experience of immersing yourself amid its vibrant lifestyle, cultural ethnicity, and strong work ethics. Getting around Japan is simple and hassle-free; thanks to inexpensive yet highly efficient public transportation system. The cost of living might be high in major cities, while accommodation options for overseas engineers are huge. Despite its recent slowdown, the country has a booming economy and political stability, making it an ideal country to pursue your engineering career aspirations.

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India-Japan Relationship Paving Way for Remarkable Career Opportunities

The relationship between India and Japan post-Cold War era has progressed significantly, leading to growing ties in matters pertaining to international trading, market penetration, employability, and other fields. How India and Japan complement each other is in terms of human resources and technology. India has abundant skilled manpower, but lacks technology advancements, financial stability, and career opportunities for engineers. On the other hand, Japan has a dearth of young and skilled engineers who can support their services, ship-building, IT, and manufacturing sectors.

Keeping this in perspective, both the countries have signed a ‘Technical Intern Training Program (TITP).’ Under this government skill development program, India will send 3 lakh skilled youth to Japan for hands-on training for a span of 3-5 years. The latter has agreed upon to bear the financial cost of training the technical interns from India. Eventually, the program is expected to drive around 50,000 engineering jobs in Japan post-training.

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Career Scope of B.E. Graduates in Japan

The scope for bagging lucrative B.E. mechanical jobs in Japan is high; thanks to current unemployment scenario the world’s third largest economy is facing today. Declining birthrates and a high percentage of ageing population are key factors contributing to a lack of employable individuals. To keep pace with the rapidly-growing demand, the country has opened its doors for highly skilled engineers from offshore countries, especially India. Thus, the scope for building a promising career in Japan has increased for B.E freshers in India.

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Japan is worse facing labor crunch in the field of Information Technology. As of March 2018, the country was witnessing a shortage of 200,000 skilled IT engineers due to falling birth rate and ageing population. This figure is anticipated to reach 800,000 by 2030, posing a serious threat to Japan’s economy. Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) expects this gap to be bridged by qualified Indian engineers in the field of IT and computer science. This means there are over 200,000 IT engineers jobs in Japan with high pay scale. As the country is deemed to explore new fields of technology in the coming years, the growth prospects for computer engineer jobs in Japan is remarkable.

Several firms in Japan are such in need of foreign engineers that they are even ready to relax their Japanese-language prerequisite and have decided to set a multicultural workplace. This clearly indicates the career scope for engineers in Japan.

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Why the Demand for Indian Engineers is High in Japan?

Whether you are a B.E. mechanical fresher or have specialised in IT or computer science engineering, rest assured that some fantastic job opportunity is awaiting you! Indian engineers have ample choices for jobs in Japan because the latter is constantly in need for expert professionals from India, trained in Japanese culture and language. One of the top reasons why Japan prefers engineers from India is because of the quality of knowledge and skills they have. India boasts top-tier, internationally-recognized engineering colleges like IITs and NITs in addition to state-of-the-art training programs like ITI. This indicates the quality of education and technical skills the engineers possess.

Furthermore, India is deemed to become the world’s human resource capital in the future; thanks to its huge population base that produces millions of engineers every year. So, there will be a constant supply of talent to fulfil the gap in engineer jobs in Japan.

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Average Salary of Indian Engineers in Japan

The average salary of engineers in Japan, regardless of skillset and specialisation, may range from INR 18 Lakhs – 48 Lakhs per annum + other unlimited benefits. The sectors that enjoy highest salary potential are Computer & IT, Electrical/Electronics, CAD/CAE & Drafting, Product/Manufacturing, Project Management, Automotive & Aeronautics, Civil/Structural, Industrial, and Resources, Oil, Mining & Gas.

Having analysed the outstanding career opportunities, are you wondering how to get jobs in Japan? Yash Overseas is a leading Japan job placement consultant in India, guiding you all through stages of applying for and getting a rewarding job in your field of specialization. For more queries, get in touch today.

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